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1.Is the quality as good as the original?

Yes.The quality is as good as the original and our customers have not had any issues with fraying or feeling too soft or worn out. Our brushes hold up as well as the original in every aspect.

2.Are these toothbrushheadsas quiet as the oem Phillips brand ?

These toothbrush heads are really quiet and do not make a noticeable noise.

3.Do the bristles feel like they are going to fall off easily?

Not at all. They feel almost exactly like the original ones.

4.How long do the brush heads last?

We recommends that consumers replace toothbrushes/brush heads approximately every three months, or sooner if necessary. When bristles become frayed and worn with use, cleaning effectiveness decreases.

5.Do these toothbrushheads come with a “cover” for each brush head?

Yes,they do. Each has a clear Lucite cover.